Friday, April 21, 2006

Another kick at the can 

Back in the saddle, both for me and the Sens. The Sens take another run at the Cup, and I'll take another run at blogging.

It's playoff time and I'm pumped. I've barely been able to sit still today. 7:00 can't come soon enough. I'm so pumped that I'm even taking time to jot down a few thoughts for the blog that I've been ignoring for the past (busy) 3 months. Despite what you might have guessed from the post prior to this, the disappointment of losing Ranek (and then the Gades altogether) did not drive me away. A busy time at work, a couple of newborn nephews, and much of my sports-related leisure time going to training as a stats stringer for the Lynx (more on that at a later date) just pushed this blog way down the priority list for the past few months.

But, there's nothing like a minty fresh playoff season to re-stoke the fire and get the keyboard humming again.

Unlike a lot of Sens fans, I'm still higly optimistic, even sans Hasek. Wayne Scanlan nailed the parallel in his column this morning, in talking about Emery's new mask - debuting Sunday - which features Canadian boxing legend George Chuvalo:

He knows this much.

Chuvalo faced longer odds.

And he stayed on his feet.


So now, it's off for a bite to eat, then on to SBP for me. Go Sens Go. (I'll save the analysis for when I have a bit more time)