Saturday, November 12, 2005

Rollin, rollin, rollin.... 

I've been meaning to write after each Sens game (other than last Saturday when I was away and missed the game), I really have. It's just that, after a while, what do you write? "Sens kick ass again, woohoo, bring on the next sucka!". It's boring to write. It would be boring to read. On the other side of things, while then Sens haven't been flawless, I'm also not one to nitpick after a 8-0/10-4/6-1 win.

Tonight though, after watching all of the massacres on TV, and having seen only the exciting Montreal OT win in person, I was finally privy to a live buttkicking with tonight's 6-1 win over the poor, thrice pistol-whipped, Buffalo Sabres.

The Sens pulled away from the Sabres in one Millennium-Falcon into hyperspace-esque burst early in the second period (witness the geeky lengths I must go to to avoid more cliched superlatives). After literally scoring a last second goal (last .2 second goal to be more precise) to end the first, the Spezza line (newspapers, radio shows and message boards around the city are furiously working on a new name as we speak - I'll keep you posted and may or may not use the anointed name depending on how good/bad it is but for now we can call it the Spezza line) lowered the boom. In the span of 16 seconds Alfie and Heater had made it 3-0. If you ducked down to pick up your beer (or double-double) you might have missed it. Fisher salted it away about 3 minutes later.

The one downer in the game was a late defensive breakdown that cost Ray Emory his shutout (the silver lining, I suppose, being that Ottawa native Derek Roy scored it), but there will be many more opportunities for Razor later. He had a fine game, keeping the Sens even in the first, including stopping Vanek on a breakaway early.

A few other notes, left abandoned, never to be developed into paragraph form:

- the whole Fisher line was dyn-o-mite
- the Havlat line was mostly invisible
- McCreary still hates the Sens
- Varada worked his ass off
- Spezza didn't have a great game

Next up comes Carolina, likely to be pissed after getting hammered 9-0 by the surging Atlanta Thrashers this evening.