Wednesday, October 25, 2006


The buzz on the radio and in the papers today is about Eaves' fight with Tucker (I actually missed it while I was flipped to the ballgame at that point), but to me the real disgrace last night was Chad Kilger's brutal spear on Christoph Schubert's erm, German sausage so to speak. I'll be angry if Kilger doesn't land a game or two suspension (though not surprised given the blue and white goggles they have when it comes to disciplining Leafs players). Courtesy of the Sun, we have this blood-boiling quote featuring noted Sen-killing ref Bill McCreary":

"The referee (Bill McCreary) was yelling at me and telling me to stop acting. I asked him how he would feel if he got speared in his 'two little friends.'" said Schubert.

Wow. As any guy who has taken contact in that region will tell you, that was no acting. Kilger seriously pitchforked Schubert. I happened to flip back to the game just in time to see the first replay and my immediate gut reaction was loud and I imagine the same as almost every other guy watching. Oof!