Monday, June 27, 2005

Finally back (aka time flies when the Renegades suck and you're overpaying for upper deck seats) 

So, how has your June been?

That I haven't written in a month partly reflects a slow period in the sports schedule, partly a busy transition period in my own life, but mostly just a lack of inspiration on my part. Although things were hardly hectic Ottawa sports-wise, the Lynx and the Renegades provide more than enough material, unfortunately I've been too preoccupied with the new job to delve into it.

Then again, after catching the most of the second half, of the Renegades' 41-16 loss to the Esks last Friday, I may have been avoiding the Renegades out of self preservation. The offensive line is as porous as ever and the clock is ticking down quickly to the inevitable, disastrous Kerry Joseph injury.

But I'm sure I'll have lots more time for that later. My intention is not to some off like a suicidal Cubs or pre-2004 Sox fan....yet.

For now I'll settle for a brief note about the infamous $99 seats. When Lonie first talked about the promotion on the TEAM1200 , he said that these were different seats than the season ticket holders currently owned. While this may be mostly true, let me introduce myself as an exception.

I sit in row 6 of section JJ. The $99 seats start in row 8. I sit with a large group of ticket holders who have been sitting in JJ since the start (I joined in year 2). Year after year, loss after loss, 2-and-out after 2-and-out, we have returned to JJ and anted up for our seats. And throughout JJ, season after season, we are surrounded by the same faces even beyond our basic group. Casual fans make cameos to fill in a few gaps, but by and large, the first 7 rows of JJ are filled with season ticket holders. We know few of the names, but we know all of the faces.

And now, 2 rows above, will be people who paid one-third the price for the same tickets. Sucks to be us. Isn't loyalty supposed to have its privileges? Maybe not.

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy the Renegades are trying to lure some fans to the park. Although the $99 promotion sucks for me, I do think it's an excellent idea for the Renegades. At the very least it gets people into the park where they can spend money on other things like beer and merchandise. It may also hook a few people on the game who will return at full price in future seasons and become one of the familiar faces. That can only be a good thing.

That said, the Renegades organization would earn much goodwill by extending some a gesture to its existing ticket holders. The gesture need not be huge - a small rebate, or even a merchandise credit would be a good start - just an acknowledgement.

Or, in other words:

"Throw us a fricken bone here..."