Tuesday, January 10, 2006

...been gone for a month.... 

Yep, I'm playing the Spirit of the West post title card again. Consider it my semi-annual mulligan. Haven't been "drunk since I left" though. Been busy with, among other things, Christmas fesivities, work, and watching the entire 4th (soon to be followed by 5th) season of Seinfeld on DVD.... not that there's anything wrong with that.

(As an aside, season 4 of Seinfeld has got to be one of the best seasons of television ever. So many classics in one season: "The Bubble Boy", "The Contest", "The Outing", "The Junior Mint", "The Smelly Car", and "The Pick")

Returning to the Sens, I have only three words: welcome...back...Alfie.

Feel free to punctuate that with as many smilies and exclamation marks as you would see in an IM from a teeny bopper.

As I write this, Alfie has just scored his second goal of the night to go along with a pair of assists. Even aside from his four points, the effort level of the entire team has been a notch higher tonight than recently. He made an impact from the drop of the puck. On the first shift of the game, he blocked a pass at the Phoenix blueline, and generated a couple of scoring chances from the steal that resulted in a power play. Not too bad for a first shift. But wait! He stayed on for the power play, controlled the puck along the boards, and fed the Big Z whose point shot found its way off Dany Heatley's butt cheek and to the back of the net. Now you can go take a rest, Alfie.

And so it continued for the rest of the night. Suddenly the offense was clicking, the power play was clicking, and the Sens of game 1-36 were back replacing the Bizarro World Sens of games 37-40. The Sens were once again masters of their domain.

Surely no one can be left questioning Alfredsson's captaincy and importance to the Sens now?