Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Scanlan article and Sens over Panthers 

I've been getting a few searches on Scanlan, which I assume means people are looking for Wayne Scanlan's outstanding piece from the Citizen yesterday in which he details the awarding of the Senators franchise. You can find it here, although I'm not sure the link will work beyond the 7-day archive. It seems to be in font of the subscriber wall.


Had a chance to get out and experience the "Barrhaven nightlife" and watch the Bochenski show last night. Like Chris at Hockey Country, I was a bit surprised that they recalled Bochenski over Eaves. While Eaves had been solid in his pair of callups, Bochenski had been all but invisible before being sent down. What goodwill he had lost in his first stint, he's rebuilding now.

Since Chris didn't see the game, I'm going to borrow his patented Good/Bad/Opposition format for today. The royalty cheque is in the mail. Since this is a Reader's Digest Condensed version, the cheque is only for $0.02.




Some basic Florida Panther mathematics: Florida Panthers + bad night by Luongo = no chance