Thursday, December 08, 2005

Renegade Nation player of the year signs for 5 years 

The Renegades have taken the plunge and have re-signed linebacker/free safety/special teams whirling dervish, and Renegade Nation Player of the Year winner Kyries Hebert to a 5-year contract (only the first two are guranteed).

Listening to the TEAM 1200 on the way to work, I was a bit surprised to hear the morning guys' disappointment with the deal. They were disappointed not only with the size and length of the deal, but also that it wasn't a more high profile position like a RB or QB.

For me, that misses the point a bit. If you'll excuse the hockey comparison, Hebert is like a Mike Fisher for the 'Gades - a guy who brings more than his numbers indicate. An energy guy. A heart and soul guy. A guy, unlike some Renegades this year, who goes, 100%, full speed, every play.

The signing is a statement: "we want our best players back and are willing to pay what it takes". They probably overpaid a bit, but that's the "losing tax" that they'll have to pay to keep guys until they can get things turned around. The important thing is that they're making the effort. For all the Glibermans' marketing and PR mis-adventures this year, they are *starting* to make good on their promise to put money toward maintaining and improving the team. That's more than could be said for the Watters regime who was content to do it one the cheap and cash out after Grey Cup.

While there still lots of work to be done, seeing some of the Gades better players starting to get re-signed instead of getting signed away is a step forward from the past few years. Now it's time to follow it up with Ranek and some FA signings (Hello Barrin Simpson... we have a MLB spot waiting for you) come February.