Thursday, October 06, 2005

Who knew? 

From Wikipedia, some history on that song that salutes The Best Game You Can Name.

The song first appeared on Connors' 1973 album, Stompin' Tom and the Hockey Song. However, the song did not reach its tremendous popularity until 1992. It was at this time, that the song was played at Ottawa Senators games. Pat Burns, then coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs wanted to have it played in Toronto. Fans took a liking to the song, and it spread throughout the NHL.

That surprised me as it sounds a bit too recent to me. I only moved to Ottawa in '97, and had been to only 1 NHL game before that, but I seem to recall The Hockey Song being a staple at junior and university hockey games my whole life.

Then again, I grew up in PEI so we may have been ahead of the curve in playing our native son's signature tune (along with Bud the Spud, of course).