Sunday, October 02, 2005

Return to the CC - Sens lose 6-3 to Habs 

Finally, for me, it was game day at the Corel Centre. Sens vs. Habs. Only exhibition, but game day none the less.

A few quick hits:
One thing that was apparent to me was that fan expectations for this team are sky-high this year. The fans, at least the ones around me, were extremely frustrated with the team's play in the third. While I can't get too worked up over a pre-season game, (especially one that the Sens were clearly looking past and coming on the heels of the Yankees clinching the division), the anger in the voices of the fans around me was a clear indication of the short fuse on fans' expectations this year. They expect nothing short of dominance.

One final note: Sportsnet colour guy Greg Millen has signed on as an analyst with Leafs TV. Not a huge loss, though he was funny at times. More often though, he grated on me , especially when making excuses for any bad goal that a goaltender would let in.

What will be interesting though, is to see who will replace him aside Dean Brown on Sportsnet. My money would be on Gord Wilson, which of course would have a trickle down effect on the TEAM1200. Dave Schreiber would be left to do the radio call for televised games teamed perhaps with the newly hired Shaun Van Allen (who I thought was good on the drive home last night). In turn, A.J. "Orgasmic Goal Call" Jacubec would take over more 67s games.

While "The Voice" is an Ottawa institution, his eyesight doesn't seem to be what it used to be and his regular mistakes make him a step down from Gord or Dean. We'll have to wait and see how things shake out.