Saturday, October 29, 2005

Gades finished 

With today's 43-23 loss to the Alouettes, the Gades small mathematical playoff hopes have been officially quashed, and the off season circus is already beginnning, even with a game to go. Joe Paopao, and his 2-play playbook are rightfully on the way out of town, and hopefully with him we have seen the last of his many passes to the far sideline. However, as Paopao heads out the door, that door is opened for the circus to come marching in. Already, John Jenkins, one of the few remaining proponents of the Run and Shoot offence is rumoured to be his replacement. This has at least three obvious problems:

1. The Gades likely lose Greg Marshall, the man who should be the next head coach
2. The Gades don't have the O-line to pull off the Run and Shoot
3. The Gades would be wasting one of the league's best RB

But I'll have a whole off-season to rant about this. For now, today's loss can be summed up in one play. On third and long, late in the game, with the Renegades needing a big gain to keep a drive, and any hope of a comeback, going, Jason Armstead caught a pass about 3 yards short of the 1st down marker. He ran 2 yards before dropping down and sliding short of the first down. I don't know whether it was fear of the oncoming hit, or a lack of awareness that caused him to drop down short. Either is unacceptable, and is a perfect example of why the Renegades are out of the playoffs for yet another year.