Friday, October 28, 2005

Are you kidding me?! The Move works; Sens win in OT. 

So that's why he kept trying it.

Two years of turning the puck over trying the same move were redeemed last night when it actually worked and Jason Spezza made another beautiful move around Jose Theodore before roofing a backhand for the OT winner. That was the nicest goal I've seen in person, for sure, and one of the nicest I can remember, period. It was a fitting cap to an exciting game.

It was a game that never would have made it to OT without another highlight-reel play, an absolute robbery of a save by Theodore on Chris Neil late in the third. Theodore dove across to take away the wide open net and make the save.

At the other end, Ray Emery had a solid game, himself. Although he's only had two appearances so far, I'm feeling more comfortable that he could handle starting duties, at least in the regular season, when Hasek inevitably gets hurt sometime this season.

The atmoshere at the Corel Centre was charged last night. There was a healthy contingent of Habs fans out (with the Habs resurgence, the imfamously front-running fan base is re-emerging fom hibernation) and not only did Habs goals get a big response, but I think I even heard some Emery taunting at one point. More than once, Go Habs Go chants also had to be drowned out with Go Sens Go chants. It makes for a fun atmosphere, especially when the game on the ice is such an exciting one too.

Updated blogroll: I've added a couple of new links to the blogroll. Sens Underground is a new podcast all about the Sens. You can subscribe to their feed through their website, or though iTunes.

I've also added a link to Buzz's (of TEAM1200 fame ) blog. Who knows how long it will last though, as he's yet to post again since his opening post. Then again, who am I to criticize posting frequency? "Those in glass houses...", right?