Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Thanks Hossa, welcome Heatley 

I stepped outside coming out of work this afternoon and I heard a train, and train whistle, in the distance. Sounding like a goal horn, I subconsciously added the Hossa, Hossa, Hossa post-goal song afterward.

I'm going to miss Hossa. He's always been a favourite. I think amidst his negotiations, and from having not seen him lately, many Sens fans have been underestimating Hossa recently. Not that he's worth 6 million per, but he's better than many have been giving him credit for lately (on this afternoon's call in show for instance). People seem to have forgotten his physical presence - he's extremely strong on the puck and unafraid to go into the corners. He's also got blazing speed and hands soft as buttah. He may yet lead the leage in scoring. Listening to the TEAM1200 this afternoon you would have thought that he was more Petr Klima than Peter Forsberg (which he may yet become).

He was one of the Sens better playoff performers over the last couple of years. He didn't back down and he created his chances despite the heavier traffic. Who can forget his goal against the Flyers in the 2003 playoffs? I also recall him laying out a nice hits last playoff round with the Leafs.

I'll certainly miss Hossa's play and he's a tough guy to see leave.

That said, I'm absolutely estatic to see Heatley coming to Ottawa. I'm elated. I'm thrilled. I'm psyched. I'm pumped. I'm speechless.

This is the trade that just may entice me to renew my ticket package despite having spent a year being screwed by the NHL. I'm just that excited right now. The Sens would be wise to get on the horn and lock me in now before I calm down.

I liked Heatley as a Thrasher (and Canadian team member), I think I'll love him as a Senator. That Muckler could clear over 8 million of cap room and end up with Heatley is... well it warms the cockles of my heart.

Prior to "The Accident", Dany Heatley was emerging as one of the premier players in the league. 40+ goals. Nearly 90 points. While some have doubts about his physical and mental state since his return, he showed no such signs of trouble (25 points in 31 games). Perhaps a change of scenery is the spark he needs to return to his spot as on of the best young talents, or talents period, in the league.

(That's brief on Heatley, I know, but there will surely be much more in the coming weeks until, and then through the season.)