Thursday, July 14, 2005

I'm happy, I guess... 

... now that the NHL is back.

I'm a huge baseball fan so I don't really pay attention to hockey happenings over the summer anyway, but I'm having an especially tough time getting excited over even an event of this size. I've had to tune out the TEAM1200 on my commute since I'm sick and tired of non-stop hockey talk (which became more and more constant as the deal approached) when it's 40 degrees out. Even a trip to the Corel Centre last night (to see The Boss) didn't do much to stir my interest.

Maybe I'll be more excited when they actually hit the ice again (or if the Sens happen to win the Sidney Crosby sweepstakes), but for now, play ball!

Meanwhile, check the side bar for hockey bloggers who are still truckin' on.