Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Best ever? 

It's surprising that I never did get aound to posting shortly after (maybe I could just claim that I've been on a celebration bender) the Renegades decisive win over the Stamps last Saturday. Surprising because it was perhaps the best end-to-end game I've ever seen the Renegades string together. They may have played a better one once upon a time, but I sure can't remember it. The Gades were in control from beginning 'till end with only a tiny glimmer of a scare when the Stampeders inched closer in the second half.

Good times. It was a helllofalotta fun to be on the right end (for a change) what was, by Renegades standards, a trouncing.

Tomorrow the Renegades will be out to prove that it wasn't a fluke. Although the Esks whomped the Gades in the season opener, the Gades have since proven against Montreal and BC that they can hang with the big boys. However Edmonton will also be out to prove that last week's close call against the Bombers was just a fluke.

Must....not...get....ahead....of...myself...... The season is still young.