Monday, May 16, 2005

More catching up 

Another week, another posting whitewash. Between the new job, visitors and the Bo Jacksonesque gruelling schedules of both the Barrhaven and Hi-Tech softball leagues, shite happens, I suppose. I didn't even get to see the 67s turn back into a pumpkin in games 4-5, although I caught most of it on the radio. I'm still optimistic that they can pick it up again in the Memorial Cup. The cliche works: one game, anything can happen. Learn it. Love it.

The Big Hurt, Frank Thomas comes to town this week on a rehab assignment with Charlotte. The Lynx more than weathered their longest road trip of the year with a 5-5 record and return home a game and a half back of Buffalo in the division. It's an embarrassment that I haven't made it to a game yet, but I'll be catching at least one of these (likely Wed)for sure.

From 0-100. The Team1200 site was more or less just a shell for a long time. Hardly any content, and what little there was was tough to find. It was mostly just a poll, a bikini pic, and some links to TSN. Finally, however, they're starting to beef it up a bit. The Three Guys on the Radio (aka TGOR), section of the site is starting to fill in and add some functionality. Coolest of all, they've added podcasting capability. I'll be able to catch the parts of the show outside the 20 minutes that I'm in the car. On the down side, I'll still be in the car during the worst part of the show (yes/no game, which got old about a week after it started). On the up side, I won't miss Pierre McGuire anymore. Hopefully the podcasting will spread to the other shows, especially Gross and Galley, who are usually pretty good on the rare occasions when I can listen to them.

The other addition to the site is a link to Steve Warne's (more or less) new blog. Good stuff. I've added him to the sidebar.

Welcome to the Interweb Team 1200.