Saturday, May 07, 2005

Catching up 

Once again it's been a while. Started a new job and posting has fallen to the wayside for a bit. With the start of the 67s-Knights series, it's time to get back at 'er. A few notes from the last week or so:

- Missed the first two periods of the 67s game last night because I had a softball game, but one thing is clear to anyone who saw the game or not:

First rule of playing the Knights is stay out of the box. Second rule of playing the Knights is stay out of the ^$^%$# box!

Now the 67s didn't give them many PP chances with only 5, but when you convert at a 60% clip, you don't need many.

The 67s put up a good fight in the third, climbing back within one at 3-2 before the Knights scored an insurance marker (once again on the PP, their 3rd of the night in 5 chances).

Once again Battochio was outstanding. He robbed the Knights of 2-3 goals in the third period alone.

- The Lynx are in a mini-slump having lost 3 straight to the Syracuse Skychiefs. They now head off on a 10-game road trip, starting with a pair of games in Buffalo who they lead by 1.5 games in the North division race.

- Oh those wacky Renegades! What will happen next. I've written little-to-none about the Renegades over the winter, mostly because the constant parade of players out of the city was too depressing. An ownership situation, which Brad Watters assured us would be resolved within a few weeks of the Grey Cup, is as murky as ever three weeks before training camp starts. The most likely possibility at this point is that the Gliebermans will return for another kick at the can. I wasn't here during their first run so I'll reserve judgment for now, but needless to say based on their reputation I'm tentative. At least Dexter Manley is retired.

Some good Renegades news: they picked up PK Matt Kellett from the Alouettes.

Some bad Renegades news: Kellett had trouble with double-vision last year. He says that he's fine now. However since doctors don't know what caused the problem, they don't know if it'll come back.

- We're #8! Got another mention in the Ottawa Citizen's best local blogs contest. I was 8th on the list.