Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Quick game 4 thoughts 

Just got back from game 4 and had to bang out some quick thoughts before heading to bed. No detailed thoughts, just a quick brain dump.

Didn't bring the camera tonight but was sitting up in Base Camp 2, Row GG tonight so it wouldn't have mattered anyway. We also ended up in the middle of a bunch of Petes fans again. Not sure what I did to deserve that two games in a row.

The 67s came out flyng and were all over the Petes in the first. The shots were about 16-4 at one point and it was looking like another series-clinching blowout.

Then came the second. The 67s were brutal in the second and were lucky to come out up a goal.

That lasted all of about a minute into the third.

The 67s should have had a 5 minute powerplay. A 67s player (I was so enraged that I didn't even think to note who) got plowed into the boards from behind about 5 feet from the ref but no call. Welcome to the third period, no whistle required.

The 67s were all over the Petes late in the third but couldn't put one past MacDougald who had probably his best game of the series. Manyof the shots came from the perimeter, but he made some nice stops frm close range too.

The 67 continued to take the play to the Petes in OT. They had a few veerrrrry near misses (as did the Petes) before Jaime McGinn finally jammed one home to bring the crowd to its feet.

The 67s now stand one London Knights win away from the Memorial Cup.