Monday, April 04, 2005

Monday link roundup 

The latest from a busy day in Ottawa sports news:

- Frank "The Professor" Clair passed away at the age of 87. Although it's before my time, he was one of the great coaches in Rough Riders and CFL history.

- After leaving Danny Battochio high, dry, and shell-shocked throughout most of yesterday's 3-2 loss to the Colts, the 67s are back at the Civic Centre to try it again at 7:30 tonight. Little is still out for Barrie, while they'll also stick with Francois Thuot, who took over from Dan LaCosta late in the first period last night (and looked light-years better than he did in his Game 1 starting cameo). Ottawa 67s blog has the full roundup from last night.

- The Lynx roster has been announced. I'll write more on that in the coming days. In short, it's a roster deep in experience, with a few interesting prospects.

Happy opening day everybody!