Saturday, April 02, 2005

Game 4, as captured by the infamously underzoomable camera, through the netting 

The 67s draw the first penalty of the game.

On the ensuing powerplay, the Colts pass it across for a one-timer. They wouldn't score on this one, but would open the scoring seconds later.

Let's make some NOISE!!!!

One of the things I love about 67s games is the atmosphere. Tonight was my first playoff experience, and while it wasn't as intense as a Senators playoff game, it was a notch up from the regular season. The thundersticks were out in full force, popping like popcorn, and we were surrounded by these noisemakers. This guy also had a horn. There was also another guy with a huge extendible flag. I didn't have a quick enough camera to capture a usable picture of the flag, but it looked like it had been around since the Bobby Smith era. My tickets were randomly assigned through work purchase, but I couldn't have landed in a better section. I hope my tickets are there again Monday if it gets that far.

Battochio holds down the fort in the third.

Aftermath of the Kaspar hit on Little.

67s win!! 67s win!!
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