Saturday, April 23, 2005

Batman throws up a zero 

One of the small joys of getting my 67s tickets through the ticket program at work is that I never know where I'm going to sit until I arrive and pick up my tickets at the Will Call window. I always end up somewhere new, and usually in pretty good seats.

Tonight we walked down to our seats under the roof in section 4 and found ourselves surrounded in Peterborough purple (mauve? violet? far from Raider Black in any case). Uh-oh. Could be in for a long night.

In the end, I could have been at the library. Heard barely a peep out of them all night as they had very little to get up and celebrate. Occasionally they'd shout out some encouragement, or question (former Pete) Brad Bonello's manhood (which was usually quickly shouted down with a "Look at the scoreboard") but mostly all they could do is sit there and watch the Petes fail to put the puck in the net.

Didn't bring the camera, but wish I had since I would have been in perfect position to capture Hulit burying it top-corner for the opening, and in the end game-winning, goal.

Kaspar had another stong game. What a turnaround the Kaspar-Petruzalek-Akeson line has had since the first couple of games of the Barrie series. They were all but benched after those first couple of games but have responded by becoming one of the 67s best lines.

The penalty kill and power play (mostly) both looked better.

However, the story once again was Battochio. He stopped 38 shots for the shutout. He had few spectacular stops to make, but was rock-solid. Batman steals another.