Monday, March 21, 2005

Unconscious Osvaldo and springtime's a comin' 

Well, the Ravens came out guns a blazin' last night and, led by Osvaldo Jeanty's 24 (8 of 12 from 3-point land), shot the lights out. Some sloppy turnovers allowed the Stingers to keep it close for a while, but the Ravens pulled away in the seond half to secure the threepeat.

What's even more remarkable that pulling off the trio to start with is that a fourth title may not be far-fetched. On court leader Mike Smart is gone, but three time tourney MVP Jeanty is back. The supporting cast is still great too.

But I digress. As Wayne Scanlan said in his column today (behind the subscriber wall), we should enjoy the present and throw them a parade.


The 67s finished the seasn on a winning note with a 6-4 win over Kingston. Alas, it was not enough to push them into home-ice advantage and they start the playoffs in Barrie on Thursday. Although I've been following the 67s very closely, I haven't written about them very much, mostly because the 67s Fan blog is doing such a great, comprehensive job.

My other hometown team fared worse. The PEI Rocket missed out on a QMJHL playoff spot on the final day of the season.


Almost baseball time again. I watched my first spring training game on TV last week, successfully ignored the Congressional hearings, and shipping confirmation for this year's Baseball Prospectus and Baseball America yearlies popped into my inbox just before the weekend.

Only 25 days until home opener. I've heard that they're already shovelling off the field (ah the special challenges facing un-domed Canadian ground crews). The Lynx kick off their home sched with a twin bill against Rochester on Saturday, April 16th. Sadly I'll be away, but they have a mid-week afternoon game against Scranton the following Wednesday. Hmmmm.... Temptation, thy name is weekday afternoon baseball.

The Lynx roster is starting to take shape with pitching mainstays John Maine and Aaron Rakers among those back from last year so far.