Saturday, March 26, 2005

Springtime clicking 

Springtime's sporting rituals take their toll. You've got to be at the top of your game and want it more. Only the toughest and fastest survive. It takes 110%

And that's just the fans.

I admit my form was a bit lax on Thursday. A winter without many sporting events to watch left me rusty and slow on the draw. I tried my best to navigate successfully between the 67s and March Madness, but failed. I missed at least 3 of the 67s 5 goals. Mea culpa. Like any goalscorer, hitter, or channel surfing warrior will tell you, it takes a while for the timing to come back.

I'll be ready tonight.

I'll have to be. Not only are the 67s in Barrie for game 2 tonight, but in the NCAA tournament Arizona takes on Illinois in what promises to be a killer game.

Bring it on.

The good (would that be Jeckyl or Hyde? I must admit I've never read the book) 67s showed up on Thursday. They did a great job of getting in behind and extending the Colts' slower D. Danny Bottachio was also excellent. Although clicking eliminated the option of using the TEAM1200 audio, the Barrie announcers weren't unreasonably homerish.


Individual Lynx tickets go on sale Monday.


Happy Easter everyone!