Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Generalissimo Franco is still dead! 

I've been, aside from passing on a single Bill Simmons quote, silent about the NHL lockout. Partly, I've always been mostly uninterested in the business side of the game. The sport is what I love. Mostly, I'm sick of constantly hearing the that the latest news is that there is no news. Generalissimo Franco's NHL season is indeed still dead.

In any case, the torch for my general school of thought is ably carried by Tom Benjamin over at Canucks Corner NHL Weblog. While I'm more of a centrist on the owner-player hockey political spectrum, Tom nails it most of the time.

Up until now, all we could do as fans is sit back and voice anything from outrage to indifference (me, other than the day the season was cancelled). That may soon change when we have a chance to let our wallets do the talking.

Based on not-so-subtle hints from the owners, it's looking more and more like we'll be testing Jerry Seinfeld's theory that we're really just cheering for laundry.

So, will I go see the replacement players? Definitely not at the current prices, and likely not at reduced prices. Partly it's philosophical, partly it's financial.

Why would I pay full price (which at the best of times stretches the bounds of what I'm willing to pay) for an inferior product? At Ferrari prices, would you buy a Ferrari body with a Sunfire engine under the hood? Pay equivalent prices for U2 and a U2 cover band? Pay Ottawa Senators prices for Binghamton Senators hockey.

While it's likely they'll have to drop the price to attract enough interest, I still have philosophical issues with the idea.

Will I be in the minority?

Of course, there are other questions. Will I watch on TV? Having started mostly as a Sens blog, will I continue to blog about them? Will I even feel like it? I have no idea. Maybe. It all depends on how things shake out. I may indeed be in the minority. If so, I'll either adapt or move on.

I'm sure our media will continue to keep us posted as events continue to not unfold.