Monday, November 22, 2004

quick Grey Cup impressions 

You'll have to excuse me, I'm not at my best
I've been gone for a month, I've been drunk since I left
These so-called vacations will soon be my death
I'm so sick from the drink, I need home for a rest...

I'll write something a bit more verbose tonight, possibly even with some of the pics I snapped, but I want to give a few quick impressions of my first Grey Cup.

Relatively speaking, I'm not really much of a party guy, but the pre-Cup festivities are not to be missed. Canada may be regionally divided about some things, but love CFL football is not one of them. While some venues were better than others (the Ti-Cats lair was way too small with some organizational issues), all the parties were good. Fans of all stripes unite to get trashed together. Billionaire Caillou-lookalike owners mix with fans. Ottawans cheer for Toronto.

The Game. Oh yes, it's easy to forget, but there's actually a game at the end of all the celebrations. It felt a bit surreal being at the Grey Cup rather than watching it on TV, like it couldn't really be the Grey Cup if I was there watching it in person. It was fun to watch a game that I had no strong rooting interest in either team. I mostly cheered for whichever offence was on the field.

I was surprised to see Dave Dickenson starting, although he wasn't the reason they lost.

Duncan O'Mahony may have quit his Starbucks job (see Friday's Citizen) a little too early. He wasted no time in burning off the goodwill he earned with his tying and winning FG in the semis.

Finally, I'm thrilled to see a great guy like Pinball win a championship.