Friday, November 12, 2004

67s 2 - Petes 2 

Just returned from my first 67s game of the year. It was an excellent game that had a little bit of everything: a bit of scoring, some hitting, fighting, and lots of goaltending, including a nifty glove save by 67s goalie Anthony Guadagnolo late in OT to preserve the tie.

Mostly though, I just enjoyed being at a hockey game again.

I love the atmosphere at junior hockey games even if the general demographics make me feel like an old fella (at a mere, spry, 28). We had seats in the corner under the overhang in the 67s end. The overhang took some time to get used to. With the tiled roof overhead, it felt like I was in an amphitheatre, watching a 3-D HD TV with a kick-ass surround sound system. They were still good seats, but given the choice, I think I would pick the other side next time.

I figured with the NHL lockout that the 67s would be a tough ticket. I've been surprised that that hasn't been the case so far. Hopefully that will change. There are enough hockey fans that overlap the two teams' fan bases that the 67s should sell out virtually every game. I'm not sure what's holding hockey fans back.

Let me repeat from earlier: it's just nice to be at a hockey game again.