Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Still computerless...and RIP John Cerutti 

...at home. My home PC has now been sent off to HP for hopeful salvage.

Briefly checking my blog here at work (lunchtime of course!), I see that a few people have found me via searching for info on the sad passing of Jays colour man, John Cerutti. Regretfully, my reference to him was a biting one, commenting how it would be nice to have a radio feed to drown Rob Faulds and himself out. While their slight homerism was occasionally grating to this non-Jays fan, I found them much improved this year (Faulds has even learned to save his home run call for special occasions). Toward the end of the season, I found myself increasingly enjoying their game-calling. Their love for baseball (and the Jays) is infectious. I'll miss it next year.

However, their game-calling is irrelevant right now. By all accounts, Cerutti was a warm, generous man and a devoted family man. He will be deeply missed by his wife and 3 kids.

R.I.P., John Cerutti.