Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Official (and not so official) Renegdes award nominations 

Despite how this season has gone, "happy Renegades news" is not always an oxymoron.

The Renegades recognized the bright spots in a disappointing season yesterday in choosing their nominees for the CFL's annual awards. And the nominees are...

Outstanding player: Josh Ranek (although still criminally underused at times, Ranek is leads the team in TDs with 10 and is only 29 yards from another 1,000 yard rushing season)

Outstanding Defensive player and Outstanding Canadian: Kelly Wiltshire

Oustanding Rookie and Outstanding Special Teams Player: Jason "Speed Kills" Armstead

Outstanding Lineman: George Hudson

There were also some less publicized nominations...

And...he...could...go...all...the...way award: Jason Armstead

There's a Flag Down and it May Be Coming Back award: the offensive line

Where's Waldo/Who's Pat award: Pat Woodcock (who went woefully undiscovered by the QBs until late in the season when he promptly injured himself again)

McDonald's Drive-thru award: the sound system at Frank Clair Stadium

Steinbrenner Where's My Calzone and You're Fired Martin award: Brad Watters (in honor of his post-loss outbursts to the media

Ebenezer award: CEO John Lisowski

Super Dave Osborne award: entire team

Red Sea meets Moses award: offensive line

Charlie Brown award: every Renegades kicker in history not named Lawrence Tynes

The Adam Viniteri icewater in the veins award: Sandro Sciortino and his 2 for 2 on game winners

Look Both Ways Before award: Mike Maurer

Monty Python Always Look on the Bright Side award: Joe Paopao

Jack Kerouac award: Eric Tillman

Stop Right there! Where the Hell Do You Think You're Going award: Jerome Heywood

It's Just a Flesh Wound award: Kelly Wiltshire

E.R. award: Renegades' medical staff

I'm Taking My Toys and Going Home award: fickle fans who are jumping ship at the first sign of trouble