Thursday, October 14, 2004

Guess who's back, back again, Shadys back, tell a friend... 

Aahh...the withdrawal symptoms are waning. And now, the Coles-Eastwood summary of Ottawa, and other, sports events over the last few computerless weeks:

The good:

- The Lynx will be back for another year (great, actually)
- the TEAM1200 afternoon show with The Two Dorks. Quality interviews (Gary Green especially), mixed with loads of dorky goofiness.
- the weather's still nice enough to occasionally golf
- The New York "Daddy" Yankees

The bad:

- the 67s 2-5-1 start
- another Renegades loss, 32-25 to the green Riders, wasting a nice little comeback in the 2nd half

The ugly:

- Kerry Joseph is out for the year, big trouble for a team that needs to win all its games to have even a shot at a playoff spot
- in a turn that pretty much sums up the
- still no NHL hockey, only the broken-record refrains of the two sides endlessly repeating their talking points like an unfunny version of a Miller Lite ad "Tastes great market forces vs. less filling cost certainty" Luckily, I have baseball to carry me over for another bit. Since I don't watch much hockey until after the Series anyway, I won't miss it much before then.