Monday, October 25, 2004

Groundhog Gades 

Writing this blog has given me a new appreciation for sportswriters trying to work up the motivation to write after yet another ugly Renegades loss. I suppose getting paid and getting free food in the press box helps. Recieiving no such monetary or culinary compensation, I lack the motivation to go into great detail anymore. Checking the archives, or the papers, for analyses of almost any of the last 12 games (although I've missed the last 2-3 with other obligations) in this Groundhog Day of a season will give you the gist.

So very briefly, in Eastwood format, the Renegades 52-21 loss to the Alouettes:

The Good: Brad Banks, passing for 2 TDs and running for another. Darnell Kennedy's injury, coupled with Banks' play, may have changed the race for #2 for next season.

The Bad: More injuries, Woodcock (again) and Bendross (again) this time. At least no one was hit by falling concrete from the Big O's roof.

The ugly: The "defence"