Saturday, September 18, 2004

Live to fight another day... 

You'll notice that I broke from blogging the Renegades-Stamps game with about 3 minutes to go. After Clinton Greathouse squeaked through with a 52-yard FG, the Renegades drove back downfield, including a couple of third down conversions. They stalled slightly over midfield, but Sandro Sciortino buried Calgary for the second time this season with a clutch 53-yard field goal. For all his troubles with routine field goals, Sciortino has been rock solid in his two clutch situations.

Joe Paopao and his staff will therefore seemingly live to see another game. However, the 'Gades performance hardly inspired confidence tonight. They flashed glimpses of being solid. The defence came up big on several occasions, stopping the Stamps in the red zone (when the Stamps weren't stopping themselves). Kerry Joseph flashed glimpses of his old mobile self before taking a beating in the second half. All-in-all though, it was a team that won in spite of itself tonight. Despite tonight's reprieve, the ride ahead doesn't look to be getting any smoother.