Tuesday, September 28, 2004

I've fallen and I can't get up (aka: the current state of my computer) 

Posting will be light over the next while as I wait for the return of my home PC which blew its motherboard over the weekend. While I may sneak in a post here and there over lunch at work, I haven't had time to digest and write about the Gades latest train-wreck of a game. Nor have I been able to comment on the 67s opening weekend.

Instead, to combat the computer withdrawl symptoms, I've been watching a few more movies. Capsule reviews: Star Wars Trilogy on DVD (amazing), Henry Hill commentary on Goodfellas DVD (excellent), Man on Fire (pretty good), Bubba Ho-Tep (also very good if you like offbeat). The much anticipated Super Size Me is on tap for tonight after Making the Cut.