Thursday, August 26, 2004

Sens blogging from behind enemy lines 

Spotted in the comments (always a nice surpise to see that, not only is someone reading, they even took the time to comment), there's a new, and witty, Senators blogger, Aquietgirl, at Hockey will tear us apart.

A Senators fan in Toronto, she brings a fresh perspective from deep within the belly of the beast.

I loved this great take on the (at that time anticipated) Hasek signing and Lalime departure:

"i don't need to remind you that hasek is old, creaky, cranky, unorthodox, and injury-prone, but i'm too busy staring at his hart and v├ęzina trophies. i just don't think there are any better options for ottawa. prusek is mentally weak, emery is not ready, and lalime will collapse under the weight of the fan's scrutiny and $$$-power should he play another season [not that he hasn't already]. my feelings toward lalime will be like a hated ex that after a cooling off period you realise wasn't all that bad. however, even after realizing their somewhat redeeming qualities, you realize you'd still not be involved with them, but at the same time, you don't want to see them rebound before you do."
Sounds about right. I guess that would make the Yashin break-up a messy divorce with the Senators cleaning up in alimony, and the Bonk departure a slacker kid being kicked out of the basement. Go read the rest for yourself. I've added her to the Sens blogs on the sidebar.