Sunday, August 08, 2004

Ottawa Lynx vs. Pawtucket Red Sox: A Mini Photo Essay 

For the first time in far too long, I was able to make it to a Lynx game last night. I also brought along my camera to attempt a few pictures.

WARNING: If you looked up amateur photographer in the dictionary, you'd probably find a blurry picture of me with a finger blocking part of the frame. For real photoblogs, check out Place+Thyme or Daily Dose of Imagery.

First, I present Lynx Stadium (click to enlarge, of course):

The matchup last night featured a pair of former top prospects who had encountered some difficulties. Bruce Chen has bounced between teams like flubber the last couple of years. Meanwhile, his counterpart, Byung-Hyun Kim fuelled by high-profile meltdowns in the playoffs, has fallen out of favour in both Arizona and Boston. Not realizing that BYK was down in the minors and not simply buried in the bullpen, I was pleasantly surprised to see him pencilled in as the PawSox starter. It was my first chance to see a submariner in the flesh. Although I was toward the top of the lower bowl at the time, I was able to get a couple of pictures of his motion.

The wind-up...

Following through...


The pictures don't do it justice, but it's fun to watch, though the Lynx hitters may disagree.

Chen was great in the early going, striking out 6 in the first 4 innings. Kim was equally good. Unfortunately, a couple of defensive gaffes by the Lynx were Chen's undoing. He was relieved by Mike DiFelice after 4-2/3 innings. The PawSox rally went unphotogaphed as I was 1. waiting way too long for chicken fingers at the concessions, 2. eating said chicken fingers. On the way to get supper, I did get a couple of shots of a rundown, but from my vantage behind the plate, they're mostly obscured by shadows.

It was also during the rally that whoever was picking the music made a grave karmic error by choosing to play the guitar solo from the Dire Straits song "Sultans of Swing". It was only the guitar solo (an excellent one, incidentally), with none of the words, but you've got to save it for when the home team is hitting. But I digress.

Post-supper, I moved from the upper reaches of the first level, to a couple of rows behind the visitors' on-deck circle. My intention was to get some better shots of BYK's motion, but, just my luck, he was pulled after 5 innings. Should have eaten before the ballgame, I guess.

From there, I had a much better view. Here's Jose Leon bracing for the pitch:

Next inning, here's former Red Sox, and current PawSox, Brian Daubach warming up on deck:

A couple of innings, and a move to the other side of the diamond, later here's DeFelice following through as the sun sets on the ball park (and Canadian Tire):

Shortly thereafter, I took my luckiest shot of the night - a round-trip swing. Earl Snyder connects on a solo shot to lead off the Pawtucket 7th:

It can only go downhill after capturing that one.

The Sox added a couple more runs in the 9th, making the final 8-3.