Monday, August 23, 2004

East Nepean takes on Asia Kaohsiung, Taiwan 

Not too bad: The East Nepean Eagles put up a good fight against long time powerhouse Chinese Taipei, losing 7-2 (story with good pictures + box score) A 6-run second inning, including 5 walks,(bear with me, I'm currently experiencing some flashbacks to my own pitching career) was their undoing. Overall, the Eagles outhit Chinese Taipei 7-5.


So, I was over chez my in-laws over the weekend and visited this site for its bookmarks. Lo and behold, the sidebar spacing looks crappy in IE. That represents near 70% of y'all, so my apologies. However, I respectfully suggest that you get a better browser.


Currently watching Sportnet News and have heard the perfect line to describe most of my tee-offs:

"That( shot)'s so far to the right that Michael Moore will do a documentary about it."

(Speaking of to the right, why is it that most of the other Sens bloggers seem to be right wing or conservative?)


I have another photo essay ready from Friday's Lynx game but I'm waiting to see if it's going to go up at Batter's Box, or if I'll put it up here.