Friday, August 20, 2004

Comic book guy loss 

Which is to say....worst....loss....ever.....


The most depressing book that I've ever read is Leaving Las Vegas by John O'Brien (which was later made into an equally depressing movie). In the book, the depressed protagonist holes up in Vegas and tries to drink himself to death.

Tonight's 31-19 Renegades' loss reminded me of that book, not so much because it made me feel like I needed a strong drink, but more because of the way that the Renegades seemed to be self-destructing and fraying at the seams. Instead of scotch, they drowned themselves in penalties (192 freaking yards worth!), allowed sacks, missed tackles, dropped passes, and the ever-prone secondary. On the post-game show Duke and Steph called it possibly the most frustrating Renegades loss ever. While that reads as hyperbole, tonight, I don't know that I can argue. Coach Joe Paopao certainly didn't dispute it when asked in his post-game interview. All the energy has drained from what started as an brightly optimistic season.

Hopefully, the outlook may look more positive in the morning. I'm writing angry as The Hulk right now, when really I should be writing as David Banner in the morning. David Banner would remember how most encounters with Montreal and B.C. have turned out. David Banner would also remember the Winnipeg and (first 52 minutes of) Calgary games earlier this season.

However, although I'll be much calmer in the morning, I doubt the media will. Both Paopao and owner Brad Watters hinted at big changes to come. That, of course, is blood in the water. Let the media feeding frenzy begin.

Or, in other words... Smithers, release the hounds!


Madden Award for best technical football explanation of the night

After a 30+ yd run right up the middle by Troy Davis early in the 2nd half, I turned to my seatmate and asked:

"What the hell happened there?"

"Red Sea"

It was one of those nights.