Tuesday, July 13, 2004

non-sports miscellany.... 

Bear with me...

- I spent the weekend at Bluesfest, enjoying every minute, especially The Hip. I may have been the last Canadian, at least among those who are big fans, to finally see The Hip in concert. I sure wasn't disappointed. I didn't see any band that I didn't like, but Los Mocosos was an especially impressive surprise. Eddy "The Chief" Clearwater was pretty good too.

- Real Gelato, on Elgin, rocks.

- From my referrer logs, I see that I rank very highly (3rd) in a Google search for "Ottawa and blog". Take that Mr. Broadbent. I'm comin' to get ya Ottawa Citizen. (follow up note: when I search on just ottawa blog, I don't show up a soon on the results even though Google says it excludes "and" from the original query. Odd.

- I'm also getting lots (relativelty speaking, of course) of hits for searches on the 10-cent beer night and disco demolition night promotions. I'm looking forward to reading more about those when I get to Bill Veeck's biography, Veeck as in Wreck, which arrived from Amazon recently.

- For all my occasional complaints about the Team 1200, they've been much more listenable lately. The afternoon show has been especially improved since the Dandyman era. Then again, dead air would be an improvement over Dandy.