Thursday, July 29, 2004

Lookin' ta put a lickin' on the Stamps 

While tonight's matchup against the Stampeders isn't literally the must-win game that the Team 1200 pundits have labelled it, it is a definitely-should-win-if-they-play-up-to-their-potential game.

I'm optimistic. Darnell Kennedy played reasonably well last week. He seemed to get more comfortable, and more confident, as the game wore on. I expect that he'll build on that momentum tonight. Although it's probably not even needed, he'll be facing the team that passed him over for the owner's incompetent, since released, QB son last year.

On the other hand, thre'll be some ex-Renegades looking to impress against their former team. Kennedy will have to watch for ol' #7 John Grace comin' 'round the corner. To a lesser extent, the D will have to watch out for the man who was 'drops before there was a Bendrops, Denis Montana. Ol Stonehands shouldn't be too worrisome as he's nursing a hand injury.


Anyone got the odds on hearing a Tom Jones song when Stamps surprise starter Tommy Jones hits the field? While I think "It's Not Unusual" would be the popular pick, "What's Up Pussycat" could be the sleeper pick. You heard it here first.