Wednesday, July 07, 2004

The Hasek signing in 39 words (+ those summer Ottawa sports) 

Since it's early July and I have a hard time getting excited about hockey this time of year, yet I feel obligated to comment on the biggest signing in Senators' history, I offer the following precis:

High risk. High reward. Good contract structure. Pay for performance. What a concept. Spezza to make 19 a positive number again. Dom sounds motivated. Working out hard. Looking forward to seeing how it works...if there's eventually a season.

And with that I'll move on to our nouveau-dynasty, the Renegades who, for the second week in a row featured the league's offensive player of the week - this time Kerry Joseph (on the heels of Josh Ranek last week). And, proving all good things must come to an end, for the first time this year, Jerome Haywood wasn't named top lineman. He had taken the honor the first two weeks.

The Renegade alliance takes on the Alouette empire this Friday (ugh, damn that comes off like something out of a Jackie Harvey (of The Onion fame, I tried to link but alas the archives have gone subscriber only) column. More on that in the days to come.