Thursday, June 10, 2004


I feel I should be writing/thinking/caring more about the Bryan Murray hiring, but despite the exciting Stanley Cup Final that just finished I have a hard time generating excitement about hockey this time of year. I've mostly moved on into baseball mode, and to an extent Renegades mode, I suppose. In a nutshell, from the footage I've seen, Murray will definitely be a change of pace behind the bench, and presumably in the room. He certainly said all the right things in the press conference, planning to do all the things that Muckler had previously indicated he's interested in. I'm cautiously optimistic.

Soeaking of those aforementioned Renegades, I never did get around to writing about their opening exhibition game last week. Partly I was busy, partly I was lazy, mostly it's an exhibition game that wasn't terribly inspiring. It was nice to see all my season ticket neighbors but the crowd, like the players, was definitely in pre-season form.

There's not much to be read into last night's 38-10 loss either. Montreal played their starters most of the game (thank you Don ^%#%# Matthews), while the Renegades went with a limited playbook to keep their cards hidden for the season. I listened to a bit of the game on the radio, but not really enough to comment beyond that. I the important thing is that the regular season is now upon us.