Friday, June 25, 2004

It was a dark and stormy night... 

... and I forgot to bring my rain jacket.

As the game started I held remote hopes that the sky might clear. So much for that. Four drenched quarters later the Renegades were 2-0 after a 20-10 win. Josh Ranek, TSN's "Little Ball of Hate", thrashed his way to 115 rushing yards and a TD, Kerry Joseph hooked up withn Yo Murphy for a 47 yd. TD, and Sandro Sciortino was good on a pair of chip shots to go to 5 for 5 on the year. I'll leave the more detailed play-by-play for other sites, but here are a few random thoughts:

- Pat Woodcock has got some MOVES. On his long reception, he got a good chance to show his stuff

- Note to self: bring rainjacket next time

- special teams did a great job on Levingston

- Note to self: bring rain gear next time, bonehead

- It would be nice if they could bring in a decent non-Molson beer to drink. I might eve pony up $6+ for one.

- Last night, a Tim Horton's would have been even better than a beer

- Note to self: Don't forget rain gear, you dolt