Thursday, June 17, 2004

Gades open '04 

Opening night for the Gades and the expectations have never been greater. Such expectations, should they be fulfilled like I and many others expect and hope, will make for a great season. If the Renegades regress from last year and fall short of expectations, I expect a lot of hand wringing and panic, possibly deserved, likely not. As Nealon Greene and the green Riders would tell you, things can change in a heartbeat, or on a carpet seam as some are theorizing.

But now is not the time for thinking about what could go wrong. It's the time to bask in the promise of the new season. We have a full year of Kerry Joseph. We have a full year of Josh Ranek. We have an offensive line that has pledged to provide enough holes to get Ranek a rushing title. We have Pat Woodcock. We have a blitzing D that should make it more difficult for opposing QBs to pick apart our secondary like last year. We have the Ti-Cats in our division. We undoubtedly have other guys who will step up as pleasant surprises. We can still dream that it may all come together and we'll be cheering the home team, rather than two visiting teams, come November.

Kickoff is only hours away.