Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Renegades prospects and other Ottawa sports notes 

It's almost Renegades season. I can't be bothered to look up the exact date at the moment, but IIRC training camp starts on the 22nd or 23rd. The 'Gades took a step toward erasing one of their big question marks today as they signed kicker Sandro Sciortino to a two-year deal. Sciortino came over as part of the big Calgary deal in January. Also coming over in that deal was Calgary's first pick in the Canadian draft, second overall, which the 'Gades used to select big O-lineman Ibrahim Khan who was released by the Cincinnati Bengals just yesterday. Khan is expected at camp and should make the team, thereby opening the door for countless shamelessly bad "Wrath of Khan" headlines. Let me be the first to either get it out of my system, or start working toward its overuse. I haven't decided yet.


Senators news (you didn't think I could go a whole post without some Sens news did you?): The Sens have signed Kelowna netminder Kelly Guard (let me be the first to set the over/under for a "Stand on guard for thee" headline at less than a day. My prediction is that the Sun will use it tomorrow). By all measures, Guard had a great year, and is a great addition to the Sens system. You can check him out at the Memorial Cup starting this weekend.


With their professional sport bias , surely most media will miss the story, but the Ottawa Hi-Tech softball league kicked off it's season this evening. Anxious to get swinging, I did just that - swinging at the first pitch up each trip to the plate. Unfortunately they were mostly bad pitches and I was only 1 for 3. However, on the bright side, it was a beautiful evening and no ball game is ever a bad one in my books.


The Team 1200 afternoon show is infinitely more listenable without "The Dandyman". Although I can't listen every day, Buzz with Steve Lloyd/Gord Wison are a huge improvement.