Sunday, April 25, 2004

Moving on... 

With the Senators out for the season, the on-field focus of the Ottawa sport scene turns to the Renegades and Lynx. While I'll continue to occasionally write about the off-ice soap opera of As The Senators Turn, and maybe even CBA-90210, I'm a bit of an ostridge in that I prefer to mostly bury my head in the sand when it comes to off ice/field dramas. I try to just watch and enjoy the games for what they are. So, depending on mood, you probably won't see many of the inevitably numerous rumours discussed here. Then again, depending on what they are, you may. Posting may be light, or at best off topic (off topic being mostly sports anyway), in the interval between now and Renegades season. As much as I love the Lynx, they don't provide all that much fodder for writing....

....except for last night, of course. I wish I could have been there, as the Lynx pulled out a victory by a TD - 18-11. It was typical of the Lynx's season as the bats were scorching, pounding out 22 hits for their team record 18 runs, but the pitching continued to be suspect. It was 10-5 after only 2 innings.

The performance followed another wild night on Friday when knuckleballer Joe Gannon set a more dubious record, walking 12 batters. Unfortunately the Lynx could not bail him out offensively. I've never seen a knuckleballer live and I'm excited about it. However, Gannon's line in his 3 starts (14 IP, 17 H, 19 R, 18 BB, 12.20 ERA) is making me think I should see one sooner rather than later. However, given that the knuckler works better in hot, humid weather, hopefully he'll pitch well enough to stick around until the summer rolls around. If the Lynx can get some pitching to go with their offence, they'll be a treat to watch again this year.

The Lynx followed up yesterday's victory with a 9-6 slugfest win today. The win moves them to 8-9 on the year, and back to the middle of the division after their slow start.

Also, it's not available online, but Matt Sekeres had a fine piece about the Lynx's future in the Citizen on Saturday. Check it out if you have a copy.