Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Tickets, tickets, tickets!! 

It's an expensive week to be a sports fan in Ottawa. Grey Cup tickets go on sale to the general public today (we season ticket holders reserved ours a while back). The Grey Cup ticket costs as much as the rest of the season combined (at least where I sit) but the experience may well be worth it.

Late last week, I received a letter for the World Cup exhibition games. Though I missed their initial deadline (end of yesterday), the three emails I received last night informed me there was still time.

My Senators playoff package arrived yesterday. They may cost anywhere from an arm and a leg, to perhaps only a flesh wound depending on how the team plays.

Ottawa Lynx tickets went on sale yesterday. Opening day is just over a week away. IMO, the Lynx are the best value in town. The quality of ball is good. There isn't a bad seat in the stadium. Parking is cheap. Tickets are cheap. I can't recommend it enough.

However, maybe the best deal for tonight is Game 7 of the 67s first-round series against the Brampton Batallion. After running into trouble, the 67s have fought back to force a 7th game. While I don't get to as many 67s games as I'd like (including this one), I always love the ones I do go to. The Civic Centre has great atmosphere, and at only $15, the price is right.