Friday, March 19, 2004

Patrick steals the show 

When you're as excited as I was about a game, there's always the possibility of ending up disappointed. Fortunately, tonight's Sens-Avs tilt was not one of those nights. It was a tight game featuring end-to-end action. The three stars:

1. Patrick Lalime. For at least one night, (though hopefully just the first of many to come over the coming months) Lalime was excellent, making all the big stops in the 2-0 win. He made his most spectacular save was off Milan Hejduk on a 5-3 penalty kill. He made 23 saves in all.

2. The 4th line. Neil-VanAllen-Ray were great tonight. The did a great job on the cycle down low, controlling the puck deep for extended periods on a few occasions. They generated multiple scoring chances with Neil and VanAllen even getting in on Schaefer's PP goal.

3. Peter Bondra. He was all over the place tonight. Unfortunately he was shooting at a soccer net instead of a hockey net. If he can start hitting the net again he'll be even more dangerous.

Boneheads of the day: all those who left with 5 minutes to play to get a jump on traffic. I wonder if some of these people would leave during a tie in game 7 of the Cup finals. Probably. Sigh.