Thursday, March 04, 2004

Loading up... 

In a mini dealing frenzy that has many wondering if the trade deadline was moved up a week, the Eastern Confereence contenders continue to load up for a potential playoff run. If you've been away for the last 48 hours, here's what you've missed:

The Canadiens pick up Alexei Kovalev and Jim Dowd.

The Bruins win the Sergei Gonchar sweepstakes and add Michael Nylander for good measure.

The Maple Leafs add Brian Leech.

The Devils (Kozlov), Flyers (Burke, Zhamnov), Lightning (Sydor) and Sens (Bondra) have also made significant trades in the last few weeks.

And the trading deadline is still nearly a week away. Lots of rumours still abound. This early flurry could be a sign of a blizzard to come. However, we're more likely to see final tinkering from most teams in the East rather than blockbusters.