Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Flyin' in Florida 

Nutshell recap since last post.

Sens against Avs. Very Good. Sens against 'Canes. No show. Sens against Bruins. Stop handling the puck, Patrick. Sens against Habs. Playoff Patrick has returned?! Sens against Leafs. Watch out for that rut Patrick....doh! Prusek fills in mostly admirably, occasionally spectacularly. Captain Alfie signs on as a lifer on Sunday.

Which brings us back to the present but also back to the 80s.

Ottawa 5 Tampa Bay 4

Wow. Now that was fun - in a heart-stopping-breath-holding-80s-firewagon-hockey kind of way. Andrew at Ottawa Senators Fanblog has a good breakdown of the game, including the odd decision to on the Redden hooking call that led to TBay's third goal. Not that it wasn't a penalty, but given that it followed immediately a period of about 20 seconds where Modin had been holding Bonk's stick tucked under his arm like a prosthetic third arm, the arbitrary calling of penalties was interesting.

There was a time, possibly as recently as a few weeks ago that such an occurence would have prompted much scorn and swearing. Now, after much hard work and effort, I've passed the scream at the TV phase and entered the jaded apathy phase when it comes to inconsistent or non-existent refereeing (though I reserve the right to occasionally lapse into a screaming tantrum). I know it's going to happen, so I just let it slide. When the Bolts went ahead, I had resigned myself to a likely loss.

That's when the Sens pleasantly surprised me with a rare sign of resiliency (tying, then retaking the lead), followed by the all-too-frequent blowing the lead. Happily, they finshed the game off with some good work in OT, capped by Mr. Playoff's OT winner.

As the cherry on top of a fine evening of hockey, Daniel Alfredsson's goal pushed him past Alexi Yashin as the top goal scorer in Senators' history.