Thursday, March 18, 2004

An Avalanche of excitement 

Until I moved to Ottawa, I had only seen one NHL game. Growing up in PEI, my only contact with professional hockey (other than a brief AHL stint in the mid 90s) was through TV and newspapers. Professional sports were something that happened in a far away place, both geographically and psychologically. When I started going to Senators games regularly about 6 years ago, I was honestly slightly in awe. For the first year or two, it felt surreal to see highlights of games I had been at. It took some time to reconcile that I had seen in person what had always seemed like another world.

That novelty has since worn off, though I still thouroughly enjoy going to Sens games. However, waiting for tonight's game against the Avalanche, my anticipation and excitement is as strong as any non-playoff game I've been to. I've been waiting for this game all season. Even though Forsberg and Tanguay will be out for the Avs, and Alfie is a game-time decision for the Sens, I'm excited to see two ultra-talented teams square off. Despite the Sens current slump, they do seem to get up for the better teams, and I expect them to raise their game tonight. It promises to be a great game.


I ran across another Sens blog a few days ago via the always well written and thoughtful Canucks Corner. I've added the Ottawa Senators Fanblog to the links in the sidebar. In addition to general commentary, he writes detailed game recaps.