Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Don't believe the hype - it's a sequel 

I love a good rivalry as much as anyone, and Sens-Leafs is nothing, if not a good rivalry. However, I'm now officially sick of the hype. Since Saturday, the papers, the radio, and TV have been constantly filled with virtually nothing but cries for more toughness. While I don't disagree that the Sens could use a little more toughness, the media has blown the need so far out of proportion that it's gone from the slightly hyperbolic to the ridiculous. I thought that Tiger Williams' xenophobic rant in McRae's column was the low point. If the hype is this intense for a pair of regular season games, I can only imgine the onslaught if they end up meeting in th playoffs.

Hopefully acquiring Todd Simpson will calm some nerves within the media and fan base. The trade was a good one as it strengthens the 3rd pairing, as well as adding some toughness.