Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Accentuate the positive 

First, the bad news: The Sens 2-1 loss the Devils dropped them into sixth in the conference and third in the Northeast behind the Leafs and the Bruins.

Good news #1 - The Leafs' 4-1 loss to the Hawks means the Sens didn't lose any ground relative to first.

Good news #2, and potentially more important is that Patrick Lalime played an excellent game, stopping 24 shots, including 15 in the third. Hopefully this will spur the turnaround that will end "the goaltending contraversy".


The sky is falling! The sky is falling! Don Brennan was in full panic mode in the Sun today, proclaiming the urgent need to acquire muscle in the next 48 hours. Everyone from Ottawa's favourite crush, Georges Laraque, to Rob Ray (in a triumphant return) is an option. The only candidates not mentioned were the best ones. We need to bring in the Hanson brothers. The foil's on me.